Redesign the existing Bristol Farm website


User Interview

I conducted 5 user interviews based on Bristol Farm customers and online shoppers. Based on the research:

1.     In store meal is a key selling point for Bristol farms

2.     People loses trust in the product when they shop online

3.     When shopping online, people expect to quickly find what they are looking for

User Flow Testing

As part of the research, I’ve also asked the interviewee to purchase an item using the Bristol Farm website, and some of the pain points are:

1.     people did not like the long, uncategorized search option

2.     people are turned off when they realized that you cannot checkout without having an account first. They were expecting a guest checkout option.

3.     People were confused about having to enter their zip code to see the prices


Information Architecture

I made a site map on the existing Bristol farm website and find it confusing and inconsistent.  For example many of the pages links to other sections in the header.

PRESENTATION sitemap.png

Card Sort

In order to simplify the site nav for the map, I’ve asked four people to categorize and consolidate the website’s pages in an order that made sense,

1920x1080 copy 7.png


Paper Mockups & User Test

I made paper mockups of my initial redesign and test it out with users.


Global Navigation Redesign

A key element is the redesign of the global navigation. I made the location as a drop down, and separated the sign in to the top right, separating it from the header lines.

1920x1080 copy 6.png

Low Fidelity Wireframes & User Test

Placeholder text

Hi Fidelity Mock ups